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Email Scams
No. 1 - The Top Scam, everyone should be aware of this
The NIGERIAN SCAM - Beware of emails offering very large sums of money for transferring funds

Running since 1988 and has resulted in substantial financial losses, kidnap and murder of victims.
There are many versions of this ongoing and lucrative scam.
Whilst known as the 'Nigerian Scam', it is now operated from many different countries.

In one version, target is offered, via email, 20% of c $25,000,000 or more, in return for accepting this money into a bank account outside of Nigeria.

The money is said to be the result of over invoicing contracts in oil and gas.
Impressive, official looking documents, with logos and seals, are faxed through to target.

Give away in original version: Central Bank of Nigeria documents containing the word 'urgent'.
When have you ever seen a bank urgently wanting to pay out money?
Target is hit with advance fees or transfer charges: This is what they are after.

About Home Working 'opportunities'

"The facts, mam, just the facts" (with apologies to Dragnet)
There is absolutely no straight dealing, 'cards on the table', in this area:

Think about it:
If you had made a fortune, on the Internet, would you be interested in giving away your secrets?
Further, if your techniques, product, whatever, were so good, why would 99% of your email, web page, whatever, need to be pure sales gumpf?

A clue?.
There may be a clue to the mentality involved, where one is advised to target the less intelligent sectors of society as they are more susceptible to these techniques.

Most people, who try Home Working 'opportunities', earn little or nothing.

What income you can earn, on the Internet, will depend entirely upon your own efforts.
You do not need to pay for dubious Internet Marketing courses.
Your best bet may involve selling your own products or perhaps selling brand name goods on commission, (affiliate).
The skill comes in selling an appreciable number of those products.
Usually, knowledgeable articles about the subject are a good pull.

A web site, attractively displaying your wares, is very helpful but not actually essential to sell things.
Agencies will charge you very high fees to construct a beautiful Flash site.
This is not really needed and, if your funds are limited, a waste of money.
In any case, if you cannot build a web site yourself, there are many online web site designers, many with more experience then the agencies, who can produce a good, selling, web site at a fraction of the cost of agencies.

If you have a web site, good Search Engine positioning is a first step but, with so many new web sites coming online every day, it is difficult, but not impossible, to achieve.
Most people use ads, in such as email or ezines, which can produce results.

The Internet Marketing training scam

Internet Marketing training courses are, basically, sales machines.
The content might be something like this:
60% pure sales gumpf.
35% more sales gumpf selling associated products.
5%, (if you're lucky), useful information.

If one undertakes such a course, it generally involves selling the training system being used to others.
This perpetuates the system rather like a pyramid.
The trainee and all those that joined under that trainee, will be under pressure to buy more services from those who originally sold the course.

    What makes an Internet Marketing training course a scam?
  • The fact that it takes a considerable amount of sales gumpf, or pure 'bovine excrement', to sell these courses is significant.
  • The deceit: The hidden costs or further 'essentials' one must have and which one does not learn about until AFTER one has paid the first $20 or so. (This is the sales machine at work).
It is a self-perpetuating thing in which the main purpose is to enrol as many people as possible, and, then, to sell as much as possible to those people.
Like the pyramid scam, it is only those near the top that really benefit

The truth is that there is a demand for Internet Marketing training or, at least, for the knowledge that will enable one to sell on the Internet.
This information, however, is freely available here, in the articles and eBooks, and elsewhere.

Finding things to sell may not be too difficult as there are many legitimate companies looking to sell on a commission or affiliate basis.

The Porn Site Credit Card Scam
Ref: Offers of trial periods for c $1 or $2
Credit Card is billed for the small amount, but, three days later, the card is automatically billed for a full month.
Complainant is then told that is takes three days to cancel, no refund of course.

"PC Users - do overflow work and earn $14/hr with Data Entry and Word Processing from the comfort of your home!"
The 90 day money back guarantee is totally worthless!

NOW AVAILABLE! 27,000,000 Email Addresses

Plus 12 Bonuses . . . All For Only $295!


Reading Books for Money Frauds
Publishers don’t hire people for this purpose sight unseen and certainly not without prior experience and proper educational or vocational background.
One con who charged from $10 to $45 for info on how to earn good money working at home, stuffing envelopes and stapling booklets, managed to defraud about $200,000 from thousands of people from around the US.
An FTC induced settlement showed that more than 85,000 consumers nation-wide lost about $4 million to US Hotline, Inc. which did business as US Car Buyers Alliance, US Job Finders and US Publishers Advocates, marketers of three "moneymaking" schemes. Most consumers are lucky to be getting back about $50, which represents full refunds of their losses.
Envelope Stuffing

An email offering $1.00 for per envelope, and $10.00 per order received from these mailings.

You have to send a 'fee' to start,- that is all they are after.
The work never materialises.

In just one twelve month period, the U.S. Postal Service Investigation Service put about 3,500 of these work-at-home operations out of business through mail stop orders, consent agreements, or criminal proceedings.

Assembly of Crafts and Other Items

You are lured into this type of fraud by the promise of high pay, earned while working in the comfort of your home. You may be required to eventually purchase materials, equipment and training—at high prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars—from the fraud perpetrator, or his referrals, in order to assemble your work products.

Product Testing Frauds
Many consumers never receive a response after sending their enrolment check. They are the lucky ones. Those who are enrolled and request products for testing may end up paying hundreds of dollars in postage and handling for items worth far less than the fees.
OTHER SCAMS - These adverts are examples of known scams




Every day thousands of people just like you are getting started working at home in the fields of computer work, sewing, assembling products, crafts, processing coupons, typing, telephone work and much more!"

etc, etc.,

"We've helped thousands of people like yourself get started working at home. You can be next!"






EARN $200-$1,000 WEEKLY! Assembling products at home.
Call toll-free 1-(800)574-9635 ext. 150.

" Earn hundreds in your spare time!"
" Our people have come from all walks of life and succeed with no special training!"
" The market for your work already exists - this huge, untapped market is waiting for you! Order Now!"
" Only $29.95 will bring you thousands in earning power!"
" Profits will start rolling in with your first completed item!"
" Popular demand will force us to raise our rates soon!"
Fraudulent Business Opportunity Scams
Fraudulent and Misleading Credit Card Offers
Fraudulent Work At Home Schemes
Pyramid Schemes
Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud in Internet Fraud and Email Scams
Full and in-depth information, on the above, is available at:
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