Computers and web things simplified. Web sites and web design. Your first web page, a simple HTML tutorial. ASP and databases.

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computers computers simplified simple internet web site design HTML tutorial Google search contact Web Things
Home Computers, the Internet and web sites. Simple HTML tutorial. Free web templates.
Computers Computer speed, computer hardware, computer memory, basics.
Web Things Introduction to the Internet.
Web Sites Web site facts and considerations.
  Search the web.
  Site Map
  Contact Web Things
  About an expert. With long experience in web site design.
  Computers simplified. Simple Internet. HTML tutorial.
  Computers simplified. Simple Internet. HTML tutorial.
  1. Web page tutorial, basics.
  2. Formatting Web Pages.
  3. Tables.
  4. Images.
  5. Linking.
  6. eBooks.
  7. About. Simple HTML tutorial.
  Test page.
  Free web templates.
  Blue Border Template
  Simple Template 2

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